120 years of support against the risks of the sea

  SINCE 1896

Sociedad de Seguros Mutuos Marítimos de Vigo was established in 1896 as an expression of the common interest shared by a small group of ship-owners from Vigo concerned about the risks involved in fishing activities and the problems of complex and costly insurance;

As a result, they resolved to undertake the insuring of their own ships in a direct and mutually supportive manner.

For nearly half of its life, until the advent of re-insurance contracts, this mutual insurance company worked on a pure premium basis; in 1946 it gave way to a new system of advanced collection of fixed dues.


Endorsed by the great solvency of its own funds, this company offers personalised treatment to every mutualist, with the professionalism and market experience acquired throughout the years.

This company was created with no other purpose than to protect the interests of ship-owners and to contribute, as far as its modest possibilities allowed, to the strengthening of the fishing industry. Thus, throughout its 115 years of existence the company has grown to become a prestigious entity in the achievement of its goals.


This mutual insurance company offers the most complete insurance solutions for the fishing industry, providing insurance products made to measure, that meet your needs and give you peace of mind to face day-to-day activities at sea by offering you the widest and most comprehensive types of coverage.